Życie w kryjówce - zdobywanie żywności i wody

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  • Życie w kryjówce - zdobywanie żywności i wody

  • 1945-01-17
  • październik 44
  • private/everyday life
  • 82-90
  • Related people:

    • Chaskielewicz Stefan

      High school finals in the Merchants’ Union of Warsaw Gymnasium (junior high school), tertiary education in Belgium,...

    • Świrski Unknown

      One of Stefan's companions who hid together in Warsaw from the uprising capitulation until liberation (October 1944...

    • Finkielsztejn lub Fenigsztejn Unknown

      married couple with 12 year old daughter, they hide with Stefan in October 1944

    • Unknown Henryk

      Mr Henryk with his wife, seventeen year old son and Stefan hid in October 1944

    • Unknown Józef

      Henryk's son, hid with his parents, Stefan and three other Jews in October 1944

    Related places:

    • Marszałkowska 131

      in October 1944 Stefan and a group of 7 Jews organise a hideout for themselves there