Z inicjatywy Czerskiego - administracja artyst...

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  • Z inicjatywy Czerskiego - administracja artystów - wokół gromadzili się aktywni twórcy - posiłki rano, w południe i wieczorem na czele - komitet: Czerski w dużej sali organizowali czasem wieczory artystyczne i literackie, a także wystawy malarstwa i rzeźby artystów gettowych

  • in the ghetto
  • social/communal
  • care / social welfare, artists/writers
  • 85
  • to Gospoda Artystów

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    • Czerski Pinkas

      on the activists meeting, one of heads of Joint (American Jewish Distribution Committee); before the war, manager of...

    • Mazo Mordechaj

      former director of a theatre in Vilna, at activists' meeting; in the kitchen's sector; works as a clerk; in administ...

    • Wajntraub Władysław

      A sculptor and painter, in the administration of the house at Orla Street No. 6, at a meeting of a Judenrat Departme...

    • Fridman Feliks

      A painter; in administration at Orla Street No. 6

    • Auerbach Rachel

      a writer, worked in a canteen for the convalescents, in administration at Orla Street No. 6, in Yikor (the Jewish Cu...

    • Rabinowicz Herman

      A painter or sculptor, he worked in Mylna Street; in administration at Orla Street No. 6.

    • Finkelsztejn Unknown

      a sculptor, works in Mylna Street

    • Fajwiszys Israel

      professor organizes children's choir at Orla Street No. 6 - in the committee he manages the SZIR choir

    • Fiszhaut Józef

      in artists' committee at Orla Street No. 6; head of string quartet; in the jury of Young Talents (Mlode Talenty)

    • Samberg Ajzyk

      He came to the canteen, an optimist - he believed in early victory of justice and law; he works in the canteen; in t...

    • Turkow Jonas

      The author worked at Orla Street No. 6 in a committee, lived at Nowolipki Street No. 53 and was the head of the Coun...

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