Szpilman i Kramsztyk spotykali się wieczorami...

  • YES
  • Szpilman i Kramsztyk spotykali się wieczorami u znajomego, rozmawiali, oglądali obłąkanych

  • wiosna 42
  • wiosna 42
  • in the ghetto
  • private life / daily life
  • artists/writers, everyday life, private life
  • 76-79
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    • Szpilman Władysław

      A pianist, worked for Polskie Radio (Polish Radio), lived with his parents, brother and two sisters in Sliska Street...

    • Kramsztyk Roman

      A painter, used to come to a cafe in Sienna Street, Szpilman's friend. Died in the ghetto - shot at the beginning of...

    • Szerman Izaak

      his insane wife walked along Elektoralna Street in the evenings of Spring 1942, strangely dressed off with her make-...

    • Rubinstein Unknown

      In the spring of 1942 he used to run down Elektoralna Street dressed in shabby old clothes. He flourished a stick, j...

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    • Elektoralna

      Roman Kramsztyk's friend lived there, acquaintances frequently dropped in for chats in the evenings.