Starania o otwarcie drugiego szpitala dziecięc...

  • YES
  • Starania o otwarcie drugiego szpitala dziecięcego w getcie - Leszno/Żelazna - w dużym budynku wybudowanej parę lat przed wojną szkoły podstawowej - do 400 dzieci, zginęli:

  • 10-41
  • in the ghetto
  • social/communal
  • address, children, physicians, medicine, medical, death
  • Braude, Juyta, Relacja, W Archiwum Yad Vashem

  • Related people:

    • Braude-Hellerowa Anna

      Director of a hospital. She died together with the sick. A former member of the Warsaw Municipal Council. Iop2YV03/2...

    • Glosmanowa Etel

      Longtime worker of analytical out-patients’ clinic in the hospital at the corner of Leszno and Zelazna Streets; live...

    • Glosman Unknown

      doctor roentgenologist; died

    • Baumberg Ignacy

      A member of the Superintendent of the Hospital in Leszno/Zelazna Streets, he died together with his family.

    • Baumberg-Benklowa Jadwiga

      Ignacy's sister, she worked in a hospital in Leszno/Zelazna Street, comitted suicide.

    • Aronson-Tenenbaum Luba

      A nurse at the Bersohn and Bauman hospital; committed suicide after the round-up - she gave her number to her daught...

    • Tenenbaum Deda

      22 years old, a nurse's daughter, also worked in a hospital, go a life number after her mother's suicide.