Próby ratowania przed ewakuacją ukrywających s...

  • YES
  • Próby ratowania przed ewakuacją ukrywających się w szpitalu znajomych kobiet i ich dzieci, a także personelu -

  • 1942-09-11
  • 1942-09-12
  • deportation
  • social/communal
  • medicine, medical, rescue attempts
  • 132,133,134,135
  • Related people:

    • Unknown Musia

      Henryk Makower takes away her and her daughter Haneczka from the hospital during the September round-up ('kociol')

    • Sztern Ema

      during the summer action Henryk Makower tries to save her and her daughter Anita from the evacuation of the hospital...

    • Sztern Anita

      she hid together with her mother in a hospital, Henryk Makower tries to save her and her mother from the evacuation...

    • Szmerling Unknown

      Military city commander on the Umschlagplatz - he was a bastard, disgusting scoundrel, upposedly he made millions on...

    • Rotsztajnowa Unknown

      She works with Henryk Makower in the Bersons and Baumans hospital. During the evacuation that took place during the...

    • Szenicer Unknown

      Rotsztajn's ex-husband- in September 1942 he was taking care of Rotszajn's four children in the 'Aryan district'.

    • Kocen Unknown

      A doctor at the Bersohn and Bauman Children Hospital, miraculously managed to get out before the evacuation of the h...

    • Dulder Unknown

      a plumber from hospital; during the September kettle, he escaped in an ambulance, together with the hospital's manag...

    • Sztern Sioma

      He lost his wife and daughter - they were deported to Treblinka during the evacuation of the hospital at 12 Septembe...

    • Unknown Haneczka

      H. Makower leads her and her mother from hospital before the evacuation - 12 September 1942

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