Maria Berland i Staś Hoffer odnajdują znajomeg...

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  • Maria Berland i Staś Hoffer odnajdują znajomego Stasia, Zdzisia Krzyczkowskiego. Godzi się ukryć u siebie pięcioro Żydów

  • 1943-06-23
  • 1943-06-23
  • Poles operations, help, private/everyday life
  • acquaintances
  • 300-302
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      Maria lost her father and sister-in-law during the First Action, she worked in Szulc's shops, she moved from the sma...

    • Hoffer Staś

      When he was 13 years old he helped Pinkiert with his hearse cart, smuggled food, helped his parents feed his sibling...

    • Krzyczkowski Zdzisław

      Used to come to the ghetto and buy shoes, lived in Lochowska Street in Praga, moved to Sienna with his wife Halina....

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      Zdzisio and Halina Krzyczkowscy live there, they hid from July 1943. Marian, Maria and Leosia Berland, Baniamin Hoff...