Helena idzie do mieszkania Kafltalów, Kaftalow...

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  • Helena idzie do mieszkania Kafltalów, Kaftalowa prowadzi ją na Chłodną, gdzie mieszkają już jej córki Irena i Nina. Przychodzi Marysia, przynosi im aryjskie papiery

  • 1943-01-31
  • 1943-01-31
  • Poles operations, help
  • contacts with other Jews , with Aryan documents
  • 247,248,253
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    • Kaftal Alfred

      Her father was a Jew, the mother was 'Aryan', came from Vienna. Alfred was thought to be an ethnic German. Married a...

    • Szereszewska Helena

      Her father managed a farm. She finished junior high school in Piotrkow and left for Geneva to study. She married her...

    • Szereszewska Irena

      Studied medicine in Grenoble, came back to Warsaw on 8 September 1939. She signed up for the nursing school at Czyst...

    • Szereszewska Nina

      In autumn 1939, she worked as a clerk in the Legal Department of the Judenrat for barrister Maslanko, after work she...

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    • Chłodna 28

      Nina and Helena Szereszewska hide there until the end of January 1943