F. zorganizował trupę rewii "Pięć wesołyc...

  • YES
  • F. zorganizował trupę rewii "Pięć wesołych chwatów" w jej składzie:

  • wiosna 1940?
  • before formation of the ghetto
  • social/communal, private life / daily life
  • actors
  • 167
  • Related people:

    • Fridman Mieczysław

      former administrative director of the 'Nowosci' theatre; co-worker of the Central Commission for Entertainments (CKI)

    • Blumenfeld Diana

      the author's wife; she works as a clerk; performs at the Winter Help (PZ) action; she sang Lazowertowna's poem on sm...

    • Rozen-Najwirt R

      She performed in '5 wesołych chwatow' ('Five Merry Fellows').

    • Birnbaum Dawid

      An actor, he worked probably as a rikshaw man, performs in '5 wesołych chwatow' ('Five Merry Fellows')

    • Grynszpan Icchak

      Actor, performs among others in the performance "5 wesolych chwatow"

    • Kinelski Józef

      A Jewish actor, performs e.g. in a play titled '5 wesolych chwatow' and in Teatr Femina (Femina Theatre).

    • Topas I

      A shoe warehouse and a shoe factory at Leszno Street No. 28, a cafe was there.

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