Charakterystyka Niemców z Befehlstelle

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  • Charakterystyka Niemców z Befehlstelle

  • in the ghetto, deportation
  • German operations
  • Germans
  • Warm, Ber, fragmenty relacji drukowane w "Pamiętniki z getta warszawskiego. Fragmenty i regesty", opr. M. Grynberg

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      SS Obersturmfuehrer- the representative of Szucha Street, the head of the SS board in the ghetto during the action,...

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      SS-Untersturmfuehrer, head of the Befehlstelle, clerk for the Jewish affairs from Szucha Avenue already before the d...

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      Obersturmfuhrer Befehlstelle in Zelzna Street No 103; brought orders, decided about the matters of great importance;...