Adolek przynosi dobre nowiny z frontu o klęska...

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  • Adolek przynosi dobre nowiny z frontu o klęskach Niemiec, wszyscy czytają "Kuriera", świętują wydarzenie zakrapianą kolacją

  • 1943-06-11
  • 1943-06-11
  • private/everyday life
  • atmosphere , reading
  • 276-277
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    • Unknown Adolek

      caretaker of the house in Grzybowska Street No. 41; he knows about the hiding Jews, he is the main food and fuel pro...

    • Unknown Józek

      The real resident of the flat at Grzybowska Street No. 41. Bromberg bought this flat on Jozek's name, Bromberg's wif...

    • Berland Marian

      Worked on the 'Aryan side' in Kozikowski's garage for four years. Lived with his parents, sister and wife in Muranow...

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    • Grzybowska 41

      Bromberg bought the flat at the beginning of 1943; many Jews hid in two hideouts there, among others: for a few week...